• " Fran Cronin will be an outstanding addition to the Cambridge School Committee. Fran has been deeply involved in all the issues affecting pre-K-12 public education in Cambridge for over 15 years. Our schools will benefit greatly from her experience, insight, judgment and ability to work with others to get things done.”
    — Frank Duehay, former Mayor and Chair of the Cambridge School Committee; former Assistant Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • “Fran knows that in order for our schools to significantly improve, there must better collaboration and communication among our teachers, families, administration, and community partners. Her commitment and ability to make it happen is exactly what the school committee needs right now.”

    —Nancy Tauber, Former School Committee Member
  • “Fran Cronin has been a tireless leader for parents and students involved with special education in Cambridge. Her ability to listen and deal with difficult issues that affect all parents and students in a caring and concise way establishes her as a leader in Cambridge. She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience that will benefit all families in Cambridge.”

    —Mark Gardner, Parent, Lawyer, Former C-PAC co-chair, member of the CRLS School Council


“I’m a first-term member of the Cambridge School Committee seeking re-election. I will continue working hard to ensure passage of policies that support every student’s ability to graduate high school with the capacity to pursue his or her dream. This means supporting our students – meeting their needs – at every step of their academic and personal journey, from Pre-K through 12th grade.”

~ Fran Cronin