Dear Neighbor,

I’m an experienced, consensus-building advocate who’s worked with our school system and in City Hall to ensure Cambridge uses all its resources to deliver on its promise of an inclusive, high-quality public school education for all our city’s students.

Eighteen years ago I was a grieving widow who moved to Cambridge with my two young children. Through my children and the schools they attended, I built a powerful community of supportive friends that made Cambridge come alive to me: its diversity, its cultural richness, its vibrant neighborhoods, and the advantages that Harvard, MIT, and Kendall Square have to offer.

I also learned that not all families and students benefit from Cambridge’s abundant resources and opportunities.

Advocating for my own children – whose individual school experiences were very different – taught me how challenging it can be for parents to advocate for what their children need and deserve.

While on the School Committee, I worked hard to break down barriers to academic success. I created policy to have phonics taught to emerging readers, advocated for social and emotional supports for vulnerable students, and brought in financial aid counseling for college-bound seniors.

As a parent and educator, I know it’s not enough to rely on chance or parent advocacy to ensure student success. Instead, our school system must work with our families and students to make sure every child has the tools to succeed. This requires asking the right questions, having high expectations for achievement, and wisely using our city’s abundant resources and opportunities on behalf of our children.

I am running for Cambridge School Committee to achieve collaborative, common sense solutions. Having voted to hire our new superintendent, I know our district has a leader determined to help all students achieve their potential. Working with him and the vision put forward in his strategic plan, I know we can transform our great ideas into great policy.

Too much is at stake to be complacent with the status quo. Our mantra should be: “Successful Students Become Successful Adults.” It is our responsibility to prepare our students for a 21st century world.

Thank you for your support and #1 vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.