In 2013, I was elected to the Cambridge School Committee advocating that every child deserves equal access to the opportunities needed to achieve their potential.

While serving, I stayed focused and committed to the issues and best practices I knew were most critical to student learning. I brought passion, collaboration, and common sense solutions to my work on the committee.

During my term on the Cambridge School Committee:

  • Brought phonics back to the elementary classroom to make sure we meet the needs of all emerging readers.
  • Advocated for extra instruction for students not keeping pace, and for third grade proficiency as a benchmark for continued academic success.
  • Advocated for social and emotional support protocols and best practices for students in K-12. As a result of my efforts, CPS now has a Teacher-in-Charge of social and emotional learning. I participate in a newly created SEL Advisory Board to oversee development and implementation of social and emotional best practices across our district.
  • Established a precedent to fund EnRoot, the CRLS program that mentors our immigrant students, helping them to successfully graduate from high school and college.
  • Helped bring UAspire to CRLS, providing every student with financial counseling before applying to college, including guidance on completing the critical FAFSA forms.
  • Chaired the Curriculum Subcommittee, where I brought critical data (on curriculum alignment, assessments, intervention practices, teacher recruitment, and vocational education) to the School Committee for discussion and policy review.

Accomplishments outside of Cambridge School Committee:

  • Educator and certified reading specialist. I’ve taught general education and special education students, and taught English as a second language to Russian students while living in Moscow.
  • Volunteer-mentor with Girls’ Media, a Tutoring Plus after school program for low-income middle school girls for the past two years.
  • Served on the Advisory Board of Mayor Simmons’ Girls GOLD program for low-income middle school girls.
  • Elected to join the CCTV Board and helped develop and launch its new Strategic Plan to enhance community engagement.
  • Completed master’s degree in journalism through Harvard University. My culminating capstone project was on education reform.
  • Served as Vice Chair of the Ward 11 Committee and active member of CDCC.
  • Currently work in Cambridge City Hall as aide to Councillor David Maher, who twice served as Mayor of Cambridge.